Turning the Page / Stepping in

Turning the Page / Stepping in

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.




I feel great excitement as I sit here crafting and creating. For several years, I have felt an invitation to this, God’s invitation to write. If I am honest, fear has kept me from responding. But today is the day I step through the door. God has given me a voice: a voice to join conversations, a voice to start conversations, and a voice to help shape community and culture.

For many years, that voice lay hidden, walled in by fear, the fear of being hated, feared, or misunderstood. Fear that kept me invisible. Fear that kept me silent. That is part of my story and of the long arduous journey that brings me here today. I look forward to sharing more of it, past and present, with you as we journey together, through this page, toward Christ-likeness

Published by Mark Harris

Mark currently serves with East Mountain (www.eastmountain.tv) in Cape Town South Africa. He has a passion for helping leaders and communities experience intimacy with Christ and transformation through spiritual formation. He is also a certified spiritual director (www.cftg.life). Mark is Married to Marcie and has 2 sons, Dylan and Caleb.

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